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Our mission

Our mission is simple: “We Care”. We want to help graduates make an informed decision about their future and help them progress further in their chosen careers.

For jobseekers

TheGrad provides a full online service for anyone looking for a new job. We advertise vacancies on behalf of employers and recruitment agencies that are looking for new staff.

As a registered user of thegrad.co.uk, users are able to receive email job alerts, they are to apply for vacancies, manage applications, create their own jobseekers profile and store CVs securely online.

Whether a student or graduate, thegrad.co.uk can help users make study decisions, guide them through university life, refine a user’s job search, apply for positions and ensure an informed career choice is made.

We are committed to giving students and graduates an exceptional service. We endeavour to allow users to gain free access to our career advice portal, news and information.

As a Jobseeker you will have free access to our career advice portal, news and information and all of this is designed to help you.

Our outreach programmes can give users access to our student advisors on campus, free lectures and career development training.

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For recruiters

Generate a company profile on our website

Research CVs, profiles and the market through our fast and effective search panel

Approach members by sending them a message directly to their inbox

Don’t worry; we have the right candidates for YOU!

Thegrad.co.uk works with several organisations to fulfil their recruitment needs. Employers and agencies can choose from a range of services including: job advertising with a full applicant management system, search CV, CV shortlist services, branding, display advertising and email services.

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