Feel energised and motivated to follow your dreams

Feel energised and motivated to follow your dreams

Do you want to build on your personal development and increase the energy you have to move forward with your dreams? So many of us excessively over-think situations and procrastinate. We try our best to get out of ‘doing’, many of us have too many ‘should, could and would’ on our to-do list, when we need to be changing them to ‘I will, and I can’. A shift in the mindset is what can make a huge difference. A famous saying that “most of us are too scared of what we can achieve instead of what we cannot achieve” and that needs to change for progress to happen.

Here are some tips to help you feel more energised today and motivated to pursue your dreams:

  • Create a vision board and to compliment, write down what you want

Vision boards are incredibly powerful. A vision board is where you pin up images, quotes or anything that means something to you on one board and place it somewhere that is visible every day. Most people put images of things and snapshots of a dream that they want to come true in the future, which helps with the visualisation of it coming true. Write down what you want too. Another effective way to attract what you want into your life is to journal day and night about all the things you achieved that day and what you want to happen the following day. Write down, specifically, the details of how you’d like your outcomes to be and what it is you really want. Be thankful for all that you have and show gratitude in all areas to feel happy about yourself and your life, encouraging you to stay positive and follow your dreams.

  • Ditch the self-consciousness by changing the way you see your self

The worst confidence-destroyer is overthinking. Try and let go of your worries and anxiousness about situations to make you feel more relaxed and peaceful. Find a wave of positive energy through seeking tranquillity as often as you can. Put yourself in a good space and do what you love to become what you love. We have to take daily steps towards pursuing a passion, our deepest desire, to really boost morale and improve motivation. How can you become your best self when you are being too self-critical? Don’t worry too much about being wrong because we learn from our mistakes.

  • Ask as many questions as you can, including to yourself, to take steps forward

Ask yourself what it is you really want, and this can be implemented through the first tip by writing this down. Asking questions is extremely influential in developing our dreams and makes us think about alternatives and other perspectives. Sometimes being too narrow-minded can destroy creativity and possible opportunities.  Having doubts is okay but as long as you are willing to ask questions, even to others including those closest to you, you are bound to learn. Always think about the ways you can learn from others. Who are your role models? What did they do to get to where they are today? Study them, read about them and learn about their lives and the choices they made along the way. Gain respect and gain clarity by asking questions.

Written by Gemma Smith