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Here at The Grad, we want to make your process easy and simple. Therefore, please find below advice that we offer to recruiters in order to make the most of their campaign and to fully use all the available option on the website.
1. How to write a jobs advert
When a user reads and goes through the job advert, he/she should be able to see a constant flow and easily understand what the role consists of. The main duties and responsibilities need to be easily understandable so that it increases the chances of getting the perfect candidate for the role.

The Grad Team is here to make the process easier, so here are some tips to attract the perfect candidate:

  • Every candidate loves to easily identify what the role consist of, therefore focusing on a format that is easy to read and user friendly is key. This can be done by avoiding long sentences and focusing on bullet points.
  • Don’t forget about the role! It is important to stay up to date with deadlines, expiration dates and start dates. The candidate needs to know if the dates suit him or if he can still apply before actually doing it.
  • Don’t distract the candidate! Having links to the company website or any specific page which you might think will attract the student, will distract them and in a way stop the application process as their mind is then focused on something else.
  • Need more support? Remember, The Grad Team is here to make your life easier. If you have any further questions or want to post your jobs today, get in touch at
2. How to write a Grad E-blast
There are 2 ways in which you can use this channel depending on the company. Some clients prefer focusing on who they are (recognisable brands or popular brands) whereas others prefer to inform our audience what the role is all about (salary, benefits, USP).

Don’t make it generic. Taylor it to your target audience. If the role changes, the format in the e-blast has to change as well. A generic statement can be seen as a spam and annoy candidates rather than make them interact with you. Be direct! Tell them what they get and what is relevant.

Have you heard of cognitive selling? Think of ways in which your e-mail will attract the perfect candidates from the first phrase or even the subject line. Make it simple, make it short, and don’t start writing large chucks of text as no student will read it. Use images, use bullet points and once again, make it simple.

3. How to attract an experienced candidate to a small organisation?
Small and Medium organisations sometimes feel that they are left in the shadows due to the bigger corporations and are always looking for ways to stand out in the market. The Grad Team has a few tips for you!

  • With the current online trends, one way to increase your presence and get noticed is through social media channels. This is a cost effective way to get noticed and increase the chances of finding the perfect candidate. Not one day goes by without our audience checking their Facebook News, Twitter Feeds or Instagram posts. It is however important to learn the basics of the business side of it and how you can use these channels at their full potential to reach your audience.
  • Have a presence where they can see you. Putting the digital channels aside, why not have a presence on campus. From schools to universities, they both offer career fairs and support for their students, therefore getting involved and being present will benefit you as it will allow you to communicate with them directly.
  • Be different. This applies to both online and offline. Apart from having a presence on both, it is important that you stand out from the crowd. Get creative! Start looking for ways that attract students from something as simple as an image or a video. This will initiate the students to interact with your brand, purely due to the creative touch.
4. How to choose the best package
It all comes down to you. Your needs, your objectives, your plans. We created 3 main packages that cover most of the needs of any recruitment process. From featured posts if the deadline for the role is close, to e-newsletter mentioning in order to reach a variety of students. We got it covered! To make your process even simpler, we can now create tailored packages where we can agree on a combination of channels from all 3 packages or create a completely different one.
5. How to choose the right audience for your campaign
Our audience consists of candidates from different areas such as Undergraduates, Postgraduates and School leavers therefore it is important to make sure that you know which candidates would be perfect for your role. This can be done by looking at the job advert and tailor it so that a certain audience will feel more connected to it than others.

For example, adding certain skills, or education degree information in the Job Spec will allow you to receive applications only from your desired audience.

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