Choosing what to study at university by Isis Aurora

Choosing what to study at university by Isis Aurora

It is undeniable that, choosing what to study at a university today can be a decision which carries a lot of pressure…

“We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers.” Martin Luther King. Jr

The cost of degrees is at a record high; parents are eager for results and may have their own ideas for who they would wish you to become, ideals that may have in some cases begun before you were even conceived. The unforgiving job market, which places more potential over some degree than others, making a choice as important as your education on dependant on a global market.

My advice would be, choose a degree that will point you in the direction you want to go in life, but do it because it makes you happy because of who you are; they say that the truer you keep to yourself, the more internal reward you will have as the years pass you by. Remember, that this is your life and you have to spend three years plus possibly a whole career thinking about this subject.  Whether it’s something you’ve already studied or something totally new, make sure you understand exactly what you will be studying and that it is something you are genuinely curious about.

This will help you strengthen your character and sometimes, that is all you will have to make you stand out because there will hundreds of other applicants with exactly the same qualifications as you if not more, not to mention experience.

Once you enter the job market, you become a service. Let me ask you – who you want to provide that service to and why? What will be your drive? What will keep you motivated as you create your path?

Think about the impact your career could have on the people around you, how what you choose could impact the lives of others through the work that you carry out. Think about what stirs your passions and consider how they align with your natural skill sets.

Bear in mind that, not everyone has the opportunity to go to university and consider, why? Be aware of the opportunity you have now and how lucky you are to have got where you are. Be focused, but not selfish. Money can only buy you a momentary rush of happiness; it is you, who will ultimately define your inner quality of life by making decisions that are full-filling to you as a person.

Written by Isis Aurora